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At Rosauers Supermarkets you’ll find the highest quality cuts of USDA Choice Beef, and the best overall selection of Pork, Poultry, Lamb, Veal and ocean fresh Seafood. Only those suppliers who meet our rigorous quality and safety standards are selected to provide you and your family with the freshest products available. Meat is the center of most family meals, and we’ve earned our reputation for being the “best in the business” by offering only the finest and freshest products coupled with unbeatable customer service.




Rosauers handles only fresh and tender USDA Choice Beef. What does that mean and why is it important?


There are 4 basic grades of beef that the US Government recognizes:

  • USDA Prime Beef is the top grade given by inspectors for the best quality of beef sold for flavor and tenderness. Because of the marbling (fat content found in the muscle tissue) and bone structure, these animals are primarily for food service, steak houses and restaurants. There is a limited supply of this high-end beef and retail markets would require more than can be produced.

  • USDA Choice Beef is the grade just under Prime Beef and is more abundant for retail markets. It has many of the characteristics that make Prime Beef flavorful and tender, but is more available for retail and affordable to the consumer. USDA Choice Beef has the marbling to get the flavor and tenderness that makes for a great steak or roast cut. As the marbling cooks away it gives beef the flavor and tenderness that gives you the great beef eating experience.

  • USDA Select or No Roll is the next grading category. These cattle require less of the qualities to make the grade required by Prime or Choice Beef, marbling and carcass structure. A lot of these cattle are sold at retail because of cost. They are not consistent in flavor or tenderness so they are worth less in the market place. They are marketed as a lean and healthy alternative, but there are no guarantees to the qualities that make for a good piece of beef. The term “No Roll” originated because some of the cattle are sold into the market without a grade inspection. They are given the required USDA inspection for food safety, but not a quality grade. This removes some of the costs of the beef carcass, but also removes the guarantee for flavor and tenderness.

  • Commodity Grade meats are usually dairy farm animals that are sold as beef for ground beef. The marbling and carcass structure are unimportant for grinding purposes. They still have to go through the food safety inspection but are not quality graded.


Rosauers is proud to offer you products from these quality vendors below.



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Never Ever, The True All Natural

Never Ever

All Natural products with the “Never Ever” symbol have no added antibiotics, hormones or nitrates.  “Never Ever” means a 100% vegetarian diet, without pesticides or herbicides GUARANTEED!

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