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Look for the "Blue is Better" tag for healthy choices. Read more.
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Rosauers Supermarkets, the American Diabetes Association and regional Diabetes Educators have partnered to create the “Blue is Better” food labeling program. As an industry pioneer in the Northwest, Rosauers developed the “Blue is Better” program to help those living with diabetes and those at risk to identify healthier food choices.

Criteria that considered the fat, fiber, sodium, carbohydrate levels and the nutrient density of each food group was established by our medical experts. Each product in the store has been checked against the criteria, and qualifying items have blue shelf tags and are signed with “Blue is Better” point of sale material to indicate that selection of that product is a smarter, healthier food choice for you and your family.

What do we mean by healthy? One important consideration is “nutrition density” which means getting the most nutrient “bang” for your shopping buck. A nutrient dense food has more healthy value per calorie consumed. That’s an important consideration for people managing their diabetes, and for those trying to live a healthier lifestyle! Look for the “Blue is Better” shelf tags next time you shop Rosauers.

* As with any health-related program, consult with your diabetes educator or your physician to tailor a plan that is right for your individual needs.


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