Know Your Grower: Local Bounti

Local Bounti is a leading indoor agriculture company located in Hamilton, Montana. Produce is grown in a controlled greenhouse resulting in 90% less water consumption, zero need for pesticides, and 100% abundant flavor. Their greens and herbs are guaranteed fresh, non-GMO, and are sustainably grown in an effort to eliminate our carbon footprint. From their … Read more

Know Your Grower: Potandon Produce

Nothing says local quite like Carpintio Brothers. For over 50 years, the bustling produce farm has been fam Mark Thompson is a 3rd generation potato farmer at Potandon Produce of M&M Farms. The family-run business in Fort Hall, Idaho, has been in operation since 1949.They believe you should know where your food is grown, and … Read more

Know Your Grower: Carpinito Bros

Nothing says local quite like Carpintio Brothers. For over 50 years, the bustling produce farm has been family-owned and operated in Kent Valley, Washington by brothers Mike and Dan Carpinito, along with their sons. The farm provides over 40 varieties of farm-fresh produce, hand-harvested from over 800 acres. When you enjoy the unique and flavorful … Read more

Know Your Grower: Indaba Produce Farms

Inaba Produce Farms of the Yakima Valley has maintained its commitment to sustainability for well over a century. When Shukichi Inaba arrived in Wapato, Washington in 1907, he used a workhorse and laborers to clear his land of sagebrush and manually construct irrigation systems. Today, the 4th generation family farm has over 1,500 acres of … Read more

Know Your Grower: Imperial Growers Garden

Imperial’s Garden is a family-owned produce farm located in the heart of the Yakima Reservation. All fruits and vegetables grown on the nearly 1,600 acres of Imperial’s Garden are hand-harvested and packaged with care. The climate in the Yakima Valley affords them the resources needed to grow the sweetest watermelon, corn, tomatoes, and more. You … Read more

Know Your Grower: Stemilt Farms

Stemilt grows exceptional fruit in Central Washington with quality you can see and taste. Stemilt Hill is where their founding family, the Mathisons, homesteaded 160 acres over a century ago! Today, the 6th generation family-owned and family-operated farm is home to world-famous apples, cherries, and pears! They strive to produce and supply only the best, … Read more

Taste Local

When buying fresh produce,  locally-grown matters to 84% of shoppers. Since the 1940’s, Rosauers has been proudly providing fresh, local produce to the Northwest. …Produce that’s both local and tastes amazing.   Shop local. Eat local. Taste local.