Spiceology Recipe – Crab & Shrimp Boil




    1. In a small sauce pot on low heat, melt butter and 1 oz of the Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme together. Allow it to slow simmer until dinner is ready to serve.
    2. In a 5-gallon pot filled half way with water – bring to a boil.
    3. Drop in corn, potatoes, garlic and 3/4 cup Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme blend.
    4. Boil for 20 minutes.
    5. Now add the andouille, shrimp and crab, and halved lemon for 5 minutes (note: squeeze the juice out before dropping in lemon).
    6. Strain out the water and pour the boil onto a sheet tray lined with paper.
    7. Garnish with lemon wedges, chile flake and parsley.
    8. Serve with Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme butter when ready.

Original Recipe brought to you by Spiceology and can be found at: https://spiceology.com/recipes/pink-pepper-lemon-thyme-crab-legs-shrimp-boil/

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