Donation Policy

At Rosauers, we take our role of being a good corporate citizen very seriously. We take an active role in our communities by being involved with and supporting numerous activities, events, clubs, civic organizations, and licensed non-profit groups that help to improve the quality of life in the cities and towns where we do business.

As a grocery store, our giving philosophy focuses first on requests by licensed 501C-3 non-profit organizations that help provide the basics of food and shelter for those in need.

Our second area of giving emphasizes corporate support for civic and licensed non-profit organization events and programs that build a broader sense of community.

Finally, we consider other requests based on their individual merits in helping to enrich and improve quality of life within the communities we serve.

Our policy has an objective of investing our philanthropic dollars in a manner that is most effective in making a significant and positive difference within our communities.

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