Rosauers Adds Defibrillators Throughout Chain

Rosauers Adds Defibrillators Throughout Chain

For Immediate Release: 1/14/22

Contact: Scott Stephens, Rosauers Director of Security

Phone: (509) 326-8900 EXT 123


Rosauers Supermarkets has finished adding Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs in all store locations. All 22 Rosauers stores in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana have received these devices. Employees have undergone training so they are familiar with using the device, should the need arise.

An AED is used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. This device is easy to use and can analyze the heart’s rhythm and deliver an electrical shock to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.

Scott Stephens, director of security for Rosauers, commented: “Choosing where to invest funds for public safety is a difficult task. There are many ‘good’ options, but at Rosauers, we are always looking for the ‘great’ option. In our reasoning, finding a program that will offer the greatest help to people at their moment of greatest need made sense. These AED’s provide just that and enrolling in the PulsePoint program will enhance these choices.”

Rosauers enrollment and participation in the Nationwide PulsePoint Response program further enhances their dedication to the public.  This program empowers CPR-trained citizens to help save lives by identifying the AED devices closest to them. Additionally, this program notifies first responders in the immediate area, enabling critical life-sustaining interventions to begin sooner.

The City of Spokane Fire Department acknowledges the important role defibrillator programs play in potentially saving lives. “Early defibrillation saves lives in sudden cardiac arrest” stated Captain Mike Dawson, Medical Services Officer with the Spokane Fire Department.


Rosauers Supermarkets, Inc. is a regional chain of supermarkets in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. Based in Spokane, Washington, Rosauers was founded in 1934 by J. Merton Rosauer. Rosauers was sold in 1984 to URM Stores, and eventually grew to 22 stores under the Huckleberry’s Natural Market, Rosauers, and Super 1 Foods brands.

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