Signature Gathering Solicitation Form

All requests for physical presence on company property for the purpose of signature solicitation must be submitted in writing using this form to the Rosauers Corporate Office at least 14 calendar days prior to the solicitation date. Store personnel do not have authority to grant signature solicitation rights.

Mail or Scan and Email This Request Form to:

Rosauers Supermarkets, Inc.
Signature Solicitation Request
Attn: Community Engagement Committee
P.O Box 9000
Spokane, Washington 99209-9000

Rosauers reserves the right, to the extent permitted by law, to refuse any application to solicit.

Two 5-Hour solicitation shifts are allowed to gather signatures for each unique initiative or issue.

Subsequent requests will be considered but will not be granted before a minimum of twenty-eight(28) days has expired since the last solicitation. A maximum of two issues can be represented at any one time. Only one solicitor may be on the property at any given time.

Rules of Conduct

To provide a safe and comfortable environment for our customers, signature solicitors must adhere to the following rules or be subject to immediate expulsion from the property:

  1. Signature Gathering is allowed on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays ONLY

  2.  Solicitors must check in with the Store Manager and provide proof of identity prior to any solicitation activity.

  3.  Signature solicitation must be orderly and not interfere in any way with business activities.

  4. Signature solicitors must remain outside the store, seated at a self-provided table within the approved boundary area (at least 15’ from any entrance), which is specific to, and approved for each company location by the Store Manager.

  5. Signature solicitation must not impede the flow of traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian, particularly at the entrance or exit areas of the store.

  6. Signature solicitors must treat every customer with courtesy and respect.

  7. Aggressive tactics by signature gatherers that deemed offensive to customers are strictly forbidden.

  8. Signage may be used in connection with any solicitation as long as it is affixed to a self-provided table and has first been approved by store management.

    I have read and understand the Rosauers Supermarkets, Inc. Solicitation Policy, including the Rules of Conduct, and agree to adhere to those rules or face expulsion from the property, and termination of privileges to engage in currently authorized or any future solicitations.


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