From Spokane area farmers’ markets in 2013, to becoming the fastest-growing spice
company in the United States, Spiceology has become a chef-inspired sensation.
Now you can capture all the best spices in the world at your neighborhood ROSAUERS.


Just ask the Service Meat Counter for any of the 8 seasonings and/or 4 butter options to spice up your meal! Re-invent your meal everyday by spicing up your favorite beef, chicken, pork and seafood. The combinations are endless.

Rio Grande

This Mexican-inspired blend features Cumin, Mexican Oregano, New Mexico Chile Powder, Chili Flake, and more. Try this on proteins, including chicken, seafood, beef, pork, and tofu, in sauces and soups, with vegetables, and more.



Packed with flavors of soy, sesame, and orange, this spicy blend is delicious on almost everything. Try it on steak, chicken, grilled tofu, pork or vegetables.


Slightly smoky from the smoked paprika, slightly sweet from the honey granules and the perfect kick from the habanero to spice things up a bit – it’s a full-on delight! Upgrade your steak, burgers, chicken & pork, sprinkle it on bacon for outrageously delicious candied bacon.


You’re a Greek Freak if: you can’t resist meat on a stick, sun-dried tomatoes are a delicacy and there’s no such thing as too much garlic. A mix of herbs, dried onion, sun-dried tomato, a touch of chili pepper, and orange peel powder combine flawlessly to give you all of the flavor, without any fillers.


A perfect cheese blend of Cajun blackening spices mixed with bleu cheese for the spicy cheesy flavor of your dreams. This all-natural spice & cheese blend will be your new best friend in the kitchen! Also use it on potatoes, spice up your mac & cheese, sprinkle it on popcorn, or even mix into bread. Spicy & 100% delicious, this BBQ rub will transform any dish!


If you’re pulling out all the stops for BBQ season, then you’ll want to try the Prime Rib rub. As a matter of fact, you need this rub for every cut of pork or beef you grill up! With a hint of paprika complemented by garlic and tomatoes, you’re sure to love it on pork chops, burgers, and sauces.


You’ll love this blend on salmon, roasted chicken, fresh or  grilled veggies, pasta and more! This beautiful seasoning  blend will add a pop of flavor to any dish. We raised the bar with the addition of floral pink peppercorns, subtle hints of thyme and lemon peel powder mixed with other herbs and spices.

Black Magic is our version of a Cajun blackening spice with a little
 bit of cayenne fire, a lot of that spicy-sweet paprika perfection,
 and a frisky garlic-herb blend that hits you right in the kisser. It’s great on all types of proteins and vegetables.

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