Aisle One – Artichokes

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-The Annotated Artichoke-


Consider the artichoke; a great unopened flower, the bud of a thistle-like plant, a long-lost relative of the sunflower. Consider the artichoke as a friend… a change-of-pace vegetable that’s fun to eat, and delicately delicious to taste. Artichokes were first enjoyed, they say, in 15th Century Italy. They’ve been in America since the turn of the Twentieth Century, and they come from the cool, central California coast.

Steam Heat!

Put your artichokes top down on a vegetable steamer in a pan over about 2 inches of salted water, into which you’ve squeezed a few drops of lemon juice, and simply steam them for about 45 minutes or until they’re tender. (Or pressure cook 10-12 minutes.) Serve them hot with Hollandaise sauce or melted butter, or cold with vinaigrette or your favorite salad dressing.

Or, get artsy with your artichokes! They’re fascinating stuffed and baked.

Aisle One

Volume 2, Issue #11, 1979

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